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What's Next in Telecom, Mobile & Internet Communications. The world's leading-edge communications event. It's designed to showcase and accelerate both technology and business model innovation; face threats and to explore the latest opportunities.


The communications industry is undergoing several tectonic shifts. Critically - telecom, IT and media industry boundaries are being dissolved. Concurrently the balance of power between producers and consumers is shifting as the economics of "value creation" are transformed. Those shifts are being enabled by the communications industry itself, creating complex dynamics and defining a new epoch.

The result is that new uncontested spaces for innovation are constantly emerging. In fact, trillions of dollars, how we relate to the world around us, and the connectedness of humanity are all at stake.


The Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm) was established to provide an independent forum to showcase and accelerate innovation across communications technology and services. Its mission is to ensure an open exchange of vision and ideas in order to positively influence the future of technology-mediated-communications through education, research, and events.

At this critical juncture in telecommunications history, it is both within our power to dramatically alter the future of communications as well as our responsibility.

- Sascha Meinrath (Speaker, America 2009)

In just two years eComm has grown from a handful of passionate people to the most highly regarded communications technology event attracting 400 high-caliber individuals.

This was a conference of great minds. Even the people attending are working on more game changing work than the speakers at some of my other conferences.

- Michael Dusing (The Integer Group, America 2010)


eComm provides an engagement platform for visionaries, thinkers, designers, executives, engineers and entrepreneur's to debate, discuss, inspire and showcase the future of technology-mediated-communications.

It's like a TED conference for the telecom sector

- Dave Aaldering (Breedband Arnhem, Europe 2009)

They attend to network with the very best in the industry and to stay ahead-of-the-curve; in fact a fair proportion are writing the next curve today.

Excellent conference. The combination of bringing together the best thinkers and the best doers in this part of the industry is of great value.

- Fred Borda (Intersect, LLC, America 2010)

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Owing to such rapid growth and wishing to cap the audience size at 400, America 2011 will be by invitation only. This will preserve the delicate balance between breadth, networking and intimacy. It will allow us to curate the audience, providing deeper engagement and more functional social-networking opportunities.

Class of its own...There are too many conferences...this is a sabbatical to make you realize you need to step-on it to stay ahead of all these other smart folks.

- Todd Spraggins (GENBAND, America 2009)

eComm was a great event. I enjoyed the content but especially enjoyed the opportunity to network with some of the smartest most innovative thinkers in the business.

- Scott Wharton (Vidtel Inc., America 2010)